What A Brutally Honest Post-Virginia Debacle Presser Would Look Like From Jim Mora

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I'm generally not an over-reacter when it comes to sports. Try to wait before making assumptions.

But if I were Jim Mora, this would be my overreaction opener to the press conference.

"I overpaid an offensive line coach whom is really just a recruiter with no tangible evidence of markedly improving an offensive line at any job he’s been at.

I don’t know much about running an offense, so I trusted this guy who sells his offense on the internet, but it’s fine if it doesn’t work at a high level because he’s self-depricating to the media.

I personally choked recruiting superstar skill position guys in the three classes I’ve signed and I admit that I tried to sell to everyone that it’d all be fine because we’re deep there.

Do I ignore penalties and give the media the same generic response when asked about them? Yes, yes I do.

I thought my defense could handle being on the field for 90 plays because…well…I don’t have an explanation for that."

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