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O Linemen Quessenberry and Bunche reflect on Virginia

Many thanks to Jack Wang at his InsideUCLA blog for sharing these two post game interviews with sophomore center Scott Quessenberry and senior left tackle Malcolm Bunche.

Q started 6 games at guard last season and generally played well for a true freshman, but yesterday was his first start at his natural position of center. From his body language and tone in his interview, you can tell he was not pleased.  For all the dropped passes and killer penalties and bland play calling, the OL play was the biggest problem with the Bruins' anemic offense yesterday. And Q knows it. He didn't even wait for the question regarding their play to finish before answering.

I know there's a lot to work on, especially up front. We're gonna go in tomorrow, watch the film, get it fixed.


I was telling the guys, Eric [Kendricks], Ish [Ishmael Adams], RG [Randall Goforth], the three guys that scored, thanks for cleaning up our mess, especially us up front.  We didn't play our game today.

Malcolm Bunche also spoke to the media afterward. Something I didn't really think about beforehand is that Bunche had the interesting perspective of having played Virginia several times before when he was with Miami.

I've seen it before. A lot of the stuff they were doing I kinda knew, and I was trying to relay it down to the right side and center.  They were having trouble with the calls and having trouble with the blitzes and the stunts.


This is not our best. This is not our best.

The Bruins seemed to have more success with runs to the left side, particularly in the second half, and maybe part of that was Bunche's familiarity with the Cavaliers' looks and reads. His comment that the center and right side were struggling was certainly true throughout the game.

It will be interesting to see what the OL looks like when Jake Brendel returns to the starting lineup at center.  Q could move to left guard where he has more familiarity and Alex Redmond could move back to right guard where he played very well last year as a true freshman. More likely, Redmond will stay at left guard and the coaches will need to decide who takes the right guard slot. True freshman NaJee Toran made some plays and missed some plays yesterday. He looks like a great prospect, but if the Bruins intend to win now, they will need much better consistency and execution from that spot and the OL unit as a whole. Getting Brendel and Simon Goines back from injury should certainly help. Get them going, Coach Klemm.

Where's that guy that always says line wins games? ;-)  I don't make this stuff up.