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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - UCLA Football Camp Begins, Kylie Fitts Leaves, and Unlimited Food Begins

Snack time!

Stephen Dunn

Goodbye Kylie Fitts, and best of luck:

Hello, graduate assistant Taylor Embree!

I would love to post a lot of thoughts and updates from the first day of camp, but a lot of the players haven't posted much, so they are heeding Coach Mora's request to be mindful and focus on football.  Eyes on the prize.

However, before camp started, they were excited:

Even though it's time for camp we're still keeping up with our recruits:

Is this Headlines?

Speaking of food:

Eric Kendricks joined twitter last week, and he's still getting welcome notices:

Support Terrence Austin's latest venture:

Things you never thought you'd see on the internet:

Or that a punter is even in the Hall of Fame.

Happy Birthday, Caleb Benenoch.

Always remember the guys protecting you. Go Bruins.