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UCLA's "Change The World" Video

It took us a while to figure out how we could get this posted, but we finally found a way.

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Don't Ever, Ever Ring The Bell
Don't Ever, Ever Ring The Bell

A technical note: A few days ago, Bruins#1 shared this as a fanshot, but the UCLA Athletics Vimeo account is set up to not allow other websites to embed the videos posted their. Even Coach Mora's Twitter account displayed the same error message that Bruins#1's FanPost does.

But then it also was posted to Unfortunately, the embed code from does not currently work if you try to post it as a FanShot. SB Nation Support is looking into that for us. In the meantime, if you want to embed a video from, please create a Fan Post or contact a front pager and we can post it as part of an article.

If an error message shows there for any reason, it can also be found on the UCLA Athletics Vimeo account.

And now, "CHANGE THE WORLD".....