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UCLA Fall Camp Day 6 Open Thread: Double Dose of Practice

If you ever played organized football, as a player you hated days like today because two-a-days were awful, especially when the first few weeks were nothing but two-a-days. The Bruins don't have many this year, but today is the first.

Brett Hundley re-hydrating a few days ago. Players will be doing a lot of that today.
Brett Hundley re-hydrating a few days ago. Players will be doing a lot of that today.

For a fan, two-a-days are a blast. Who wouldn't enjoy a whole day watching football? It's what most fans live for during the season. If you're watching from home, it's why you switch from one game to the next. If you're at the game, it's why some folks bring a generator and satellite dish with them to the game. A full day of football is fun if you're watching.

But, as a player, two-a-days are tough. Ultimately, that's a good thing because you want you team to be able to endure tough situations. But the immediate thought is not that. It's just getting through it.

The bright spot is that the weather in S.B. for practice this morning is cool. It should be in the 70s for this mornings practice and, with the second session not starting until 7pm when it should be in the low-to-mid 80s, the team will have avoided the worst of today's heat. Sorry, Coach Mora.

Let's whet your whistle this morning with some video of Coach Brick after practice yesterday from Tracy Pierson at BRO.

One of the things I love about Coach Mora and staff is how they haven't been afraid to use technology to better undertstand what our team is doing. We've seen it with the use of drones and attaching GoPro cameras to the helmets of our QBs. This morning, Chris Foster of the L.A. Times has an article on the latest use of tech by the team -- GPS.

They've had players wearing GPS trackers. Foster quotes Coach Mora, "It helps monitor the total workout load. It helps us get a feel for peak speed. We can tell if a guy's speed is dropping during practice."

The players seem to be getting a kick out of it. Foster writes:

"They say it can tell how fast you play," said receiver Devin Lucien.

Asked whether there was a device that could measure how fast he plays, Lucien smiled and said, "I don't know."

Quarterback Jerry Neuheisel knew.

"They attached a sundial to me to measure my speed," Neuheisel said.

This is your open thread for both sessions of Fall Camp Day 6. For any spectators who get out to CSUSB, please share your observations and thoughts here, and feel free to write up any extended thoughts or observations later on as a fanpost. You can also tweet pictures to us at@BruinNation.