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UCLA Bruins vs. Texas Second Half Game Thread

Hundley is out, and he took all of our offense with him

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Based on the performance so far, the Bruins are 30 minutes from having this season go into the toilet at Jerry World. The same team that got boatraced at home by BYU last week is now punking Mora, Mazzne and Klemm. The good news? Well Fairbairn hit a 45+ FG. That's where the sunshine pumping begins and ends. The apparent elbow injury to Brett Hundley in the first quarter has killed what little offensive momentum the stupid penalties (that don't matter, right Jim?) hadn't already.

UCLA has two quarters left to redeem themselves for two and a half games of being the most overrated team in the country. Best of luck to you Jerry Neuheisel. It looks like a firing squad back there.

The eyes of America are on you now Jim. What are you and your crew of flunkies gonna do about it?