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UCLA Quarterback Brett Hundley Expected to Return by End of Week

In a huge sigh of relief for UCLA fans everywhere, college football guru Bruce Feldman is reporting that UCLA QB Brett Hundley has a slight hyperextension of his left (non-throwing) elbow and should be back by the end of the week.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Huge news for UCLA's football team tonight, and fortunately for the Bruins' championship aspirations, it's good news:

While tonight's story on Jerry Neuheisel is a great feel-good story, there can be no allusions that UCLA's plans to challenge the Oregon Ducks for the Pac-12 crown wouldn't be seriously derailed without their Heisman hopeful Brett Hundley at QB.  Here's the Fox Sports Live video:

While there has not been any official word from UCLA, the coaching staff, or any of the players, Bruce Feldman has been a pretty reliable journalist, so this should allow a lot of UCLA fans to breathe much easier tonight.  The loss of the projected first-round NFL Draft pick would be devastating to a UCLA offense that has already sputtered with him in it under the direction of offensive coordinator Noel "No-O" Mazzone.

Let's hope that Hundley uses the long week-plus off to rest up, heal up, and get ready to take on Arizona State in the Pac-12 conference opener in what could be a very tough road game for our Bruins.  Hopefully, by then he'll also have some offensive linemen who cut out the boneheaded penalties and know where to line up (great "coaching" there Klemm) so he doesn't have to try to get himself killed picking up as first down on third-and-long when his blocking breaks down after they get a 50-yard gain called back for being stupid.

Let's hope.