This is the Steve Sarkisian We ALL Knew - And Southern Cal Had No Clue

"catch me!" - Ezra Shaw

We didn't dwell much on Southern Cal losing to Boston College on Saturday. We were focused on our program and our own big game, but in case you missed it, unranked Boston College upset #9 Southern Cal in Boston on Saturday, and as a consequence, the Trogans have dropped to 17/21 in the polls. Such a pity.

Southern Cal, in all their wisdom in firing Lane Kiffin as he got off the bus last year, thought Steve Sarkisian was the person to take their program forward and out of the sanctions that have, in their mind, crippled their program. We agreed wholeheartedly. Looking within to find a new coach? Brilliant. Seven Win Sark is fantastic. I mean, it's not like there were warning signs about his ability as a coach. I'm sure Ethical Pat did a long, comprehensive search, and really, Steve Sarkisian was the absolute best candidate out there.

When you're at a Clown College, you constantly need to prove yourself. So if your player comes to you and says they saved a kid from drowning, of COURSE you believe them. There's no way you're a racist to a kid that's six deep on the depth chart, right? And you have the backing of your AD, who will come down and speak to officials on your behalf, whenever you need him. At least he can operate an iPhone, right?

After their win over Stanford last week, Southern Cal should have been trending upwards, right? Leapfrogged up in the polls, beat a solid opponent that has a coach that makes questionable decisions, beat up Fresno State that isn't being led by a Carr, all that good stuff. Nope. Absolutely could not stop Boston College, and our glee multiplied as we saw the score out of Boston.

It should multiply exponentially as you read this piece from HardCore Husky, about our good friend Seven Win Steve. And a warning for Sark's players:

If they haven't seen it already, Trojan players will soon see the other side of Sark. The angry tantrums behind closed doors, showing up late for his own meetings, lecturing his players about drinking responsibility when his own proclivities are on display for anyone paying attention

Sounds like a warning we've received before about a certain basketball coach...


After his piggyback ride on athletic director Pat Haden following the Stanford win, Sark thought he had it all figured out. Players having fun, fast and loose, everything dialed in. We saw that same cocksure swagger from him up here at Washington after the occasional big win. But he's not a great coach, not a great play caller, not a great motivator. He's a superb marketer and self-promoter, is all.

Frankly, that sounds like the perfect coach for Southern Cal - that's what you need to succeed there, a fun personality - seven wins a year is great! That's bowl eligible, and it keeps his expectations low!

We cannot wait to see how this all unfolds across town. It's delicious.

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