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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Welcome Josh Rosen, Jerry World, and Mongolian BBQ

Also: The last of the UCLA/Texas tweets

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome Josh Rosen!

He also had a good time in Dallas:

Did you all spot Kyle Anderson on the sidelines?

Hopefully he's learned to pump gas by now:

Yep, Paul Perkins is having a good season:

I think we enjoy watching the floundering.

We figured out how to win. They didn't. Ha-ha.

Papa Neu was one happy dad:


Um, by any chance do you want to play the point Prince Ali...

I mean, you're working out with Rip Hamilton...

Meanwhile, back in Westwood, what's left of the Men's Basketball team visited the Children's Hospital:


Can you imagine being behind Chris Kluwe at line at Mongols?

Please share your Mongols tips, which is somehow still open in Westwood.

McKinley learns fast! Welcome to Westwood.

Go Bruins.