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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Welcome Takkarist McKinley, Biking to Work, and Kit-Kat's

Donuts and date night, oh my.

Donald Miralle

Welcome to UCLA, Takkarist!

This probably tugs at gbruin's heartstrings:

Wait until he tries the Kit-Kat's from other countries:

Russell Westbrook update: He'll be on TV soon if your kids watch Nickelodeon:

A 67, eh?

Did you have any power issues with the heat wave this week?

Steve Alford is checking up on his recruits, making sure another one doesn't bail or wind up ineligible:

The young prince will learn his Nike gear will be forbidden next year.

Oh, is that it? Those fouls were unwarranted?

Happy birthday, Tony!

Only the finest cured meats and cheese on date night.

Better than Stan's?

Welcome to the ATP, Gage:

If you have NEVER watched House of Cards, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. Go. Now.

Ed Lewis of BSR finally got himself some screen time:

I guess it never gets old to see yourself on TV:

We love you too, lifelong Bruin.

Go Bruins.