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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Saturday Football Action, Stanley Cup, and Selfie Sunday

Is Earl of Sandwich that good?

Harry How

Sunday morning, and the tweeting is easy... when you look back at yesterday's college football action.

Clemson, you were terrible last night. You let opportunity after opportunity go right on by.


Congrats to FSU for winning with your backup QB against actual competition. However, the nonstop shots to Jameis Winston last night by the camera crew was ridiculous, and Jameis on the sideline was nuts.

Randy Cross, like usual, telling it like it is.

The Cup of Lord Stanley runneth over.

Earl of Sandwich is good. So good.

Now that the ice bucket challenge has faded away, please take this new challenge:

Pictures from earlier this month:

What a bunch of goofballs:

(ICYMI, Ryan Hollins just signed with the Sacramento Kings)

Go Bruins