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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - The D1 Grind, YouTube Comments, and Laundry in the Dorms

An end to the quarters racket!

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Takkarist McKinley is adapting to UCLA quite well:

Meanwhile, adapting to a new OS is never easy..

I think you can take Windows 8 out of that wannabe tablet OS mode and back into a "regular" mode, right?

ICYMI, Christian Morris was approved to be eligible immediately at Ole Miss:

Zach LaVine threw out the first pitch at a Twins game earlier this month:

I doubt this would make the comments section any better:

Some of us who went to school during the quarter laundry era would have loved the BruinCard, because having $10 of quarters lying around your dorm room, or trying to scrounge for that last quarter wasn't fun:

Buffet strategies:

Steven, that is not a good strategy to get a new phone:

This tweet was from a month ago, and it's relevant today:

Probably should bookmark it for future reference.

Boys to men:

The West Coast Family.  (get it? Get it? Motownphilly? Fine, I guess not.)

Go Bruins.