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The Drive: Episode 5 Preview and Open Thread

Here's a look at what to expect from the fifth episode of The Drive, which premieres tonight at 7pm on Pac-12 Networks. Bruins Nation found out what to expect from the show's producer, Jim Jorden.

We again are pleased to be able to have an opportunity to get a preview of this week's episode of The Drive from series producer Jim Jorden.

BN: What should viewers expect from this week’s episode of The Drive?
JJ: Last year, when we did the show, we were following two teams. So this is the first time in the series where we don’t have a game, other than training camp. It’s a bye week show. So, we decided to do a season recap, which we had never done before either.

It turned out interesting in that it was the first time we were able to summarize everything up. The show is one week at a time. So, this is the first time you can look at the season as a whole and, you know, have a little more time to edit and a little more time to move things around.

Normally, when we do game recaps, it’s just a game because we want you to experience what it’s like to watch the game and be in the moment. With this recap, we did interviews with the players and coaches to talk about the games. It was interesting to get their insight on plays and stuff like that.

BN: What else will viewers be seeing tonight?
JJ: What they did in the bye week, working out, competing at practice, training, a little camp recap and then the first three games. Then, at the end, there’s a little preview of the Pac-12 schedule.

BN: Is there anything else about the episode you care to share?
JJ: If you’re a Bruin fan, it’s a really interesting and unique show because we haven’t really done anything like this in depth before where you get the whole season in 26 minutes. It was kind of fun and interesting to do.

Our thanks again to Jim Jorden for spending some time talking to us. If you have any questions about the show, post them in the comments. They may get asked next time!

This is your open thread for Episode 5 of "The Drive".

Go Bruins!