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Headlines from the Bruin Twitterverse: Congratulations to Eric Kendricks. Plus Food, Dogs, and Labor Day

Catching up with Bruins past and present as the NFL readies for kick-off and Bruin football prepares for Memphis.

Harry How

Is was a not the stellar outing we were expecting for UCLA football last week, but the guys seem to have their heads on their shoulders heading into week two:

and are getting excited for Memphis:

Wait, didn't I just say that?

And yes, in case you were wondering, it is hot in L.A.:

Bruins, past and present, seem to have food on their minds this week:

Hey stop, let's eat here:

Maybe this guy would make a great dinner guest:

Marvray always was a favorite of mine.

But be careful if you decide to stay in:

As Kluwe says sometimes there is a why not:

Bruins are taking pride in their defense:

and spreading the credit:

EK has everyone pumped:

And the recognition keeps flowing in:

Congratulations Eric for recognition well deserved!

Someone is getting upset:

Personally I'd be flattered:

Can we give Mossi some luv?

and then there's brotherly love:

and, of course, aunty love:

Former Bruins seem to have very different ways of spending labor day as they prepare for the opening of the NFL and NBA seasons.  Which would you pick?

(Okay I know that wasn't Labor Day) OR like Kevin:

Be sure to click on that instagram!  Personally, I'm all in with the puppies.

After being named 2014 NSWL Championship MVP there's really only one more thing that matters:

Okay, maybe two:

Now this I've got to see:

although this seems more important:

And as usual, these two Bruins are helping others who didn't make the cut:

While others who made it get ready:

This is just awesome:

Most importantly, our best wishes and thoughts go out to Steven Manfro:

I would like to apologize for this being so long this time.  I'm filling in for the amazing Menelaus and just got carried away.  Have a great week and ....

Go Bruins!