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Memphis Tigers at UCLA Bruins: First Half Game Thread

UCLA heads to the Rose Bowl to take on the Memphis TIgers in the Bruins first home game of 2014.

Harry How

The UCLA Bruins (1-0) kick off their 2014 home slate at the Rose Bowl this evening with a matchup against the Memphis Tigers (1-0) of the American Athletic Conference (comprised of the remnants from the old Big East and other random schools like Memphis, Houston and Tulane).

To be honest, the Tigers aren't a very good football team. Their only victories in 2013 came against UT- Martin, Arkansas State and South Florida. Even more so than last week against Virginia on the road, this game should not be in doubt for a particularly long time.

I have no problem saying that because I'm not remotely superstitious when it comes to sporting events. What I say has zero impact on the outcome of the game. I'll be immensely disappointed and worried about the Texas game next week if UCLA doesn't, at the least, cover the spread in this game against an overmatched opponent.

Anyway, this is the open thread for the first half. I'm at the Rose Bowl right now, so I more than likely won't be in the game thread comments at all. You can catch up on the coverage of practice and Memphis previews from this week on BN here. You can check out the open thread for all other college football games today here.

Let's get this thing underway and watch the Bruins head to 2-0 and redeem themselves after last week's disappointing win.