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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Ellis McCarthy to the NFL, College Football National Championship Game, and Datone Jones to NFC Championship Game

Pac-12 Networks also doesn't know which Pac-12 mascot belongs to which Pac-12 school.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Best of luck to Ellis McCarthy as he declared for the NFL Draft.

The other hallmarks of a post season: surgery.

I also cannot stop giggling at the background of Paul Perkins' touchdown:

The College Football National Championship was on Monday.  The football team #BackthePac.

Although the sentiment did seem to swing Ohio State's way:

Mmm. Duck.

Looks like Truckee and Ohio St enjoyed the same meal.

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Bill Walton had fun at the game.

Our recruits are optimistic for next year:

Like Eddie Vanderdoes said a few weeks ago, it goes fast.

We also keep on top of the non-committed ones:

Damnit Pac-12 Network, get it together:

Datone Jones and the Green Bay Packers are headed to the NFC Championship game. Please feast on Seachicken.

He had a good game:

And Finally:

Go Bruins.