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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - On the UCLA Football Recruiting Trail, Yogurtland, and Playing School

Catch Donovan Carter on HBO this summer with The Rock.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Mora rolled deep into Chris Clark's home on the recruiting trail.

Clark is off to Michigan this weekend to visit the Wolverines, Coach Jim Harbaugh, and the new TE Coach Jay Harbaugh. Yes, that is Harbaugh's son, whose previous job was working for his uncle John with the Ravens.

But hopefully this mean's Clark is in the fold, along with a few other outstanding recruits:

Women's soccer players are now moving on:

And there is life after football:

Cardale Jones however, provided material for hours with his press conference yesterday:

Our athletes don't play school.

As Marcus Mariota moves on:

Congratulations Anthony Barr:

Trevor Bauer confuses me. He's a Bruin, but roots for Duke basketball... and Ohio State Football?

Because I'd love to see him and Lorezno Mata-Real take this up like gentlemen:

But no one should be served like this. What the heck, chain restaurant?

If you have attended a basketball game this year in Pauley, you may notice the fans cheer a little louder during free throw attempts by the opponent. Why? If they miss two in a row, free Yogurtland coupons are handed out.

That's great, to think like that... but the reality is:


Go Bruins.