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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - More UCLA Football Recruiting, Remembering MLK, and Bruins in the Super Bowl

Jim Harbaugh, recruiting machine.

Harry How/Getty Images

Recruiting is a long, long game.  You check in on the ones that are not committed:

And committed:

And entertain them when they visit:

And then some fancy new coach shows up halfway across the country and slowly steals your recruits:

This picture strikes at the heart of all UCLA/49ers Fans:

Clark will be here this weekend along with Josh Wariboko:

Hanging with Josh Rosen like this?

Sites like this one aren't the only ones looking at the stars. So are the recruits:

The Bruins remembered MLK Day:

It's time for the Super Bowl!

Four Bruins will be there - Akeem Ayers and Matthew Slater for the Patriots, and Cassius Marsh and Derrick Coleman for the Seahawks, although both are currently on injured reserve.

That game was nuts, though.

This was not a drill - whomever pulled the alarm, not cool:

Putting that Bowl Swag to good use:

New Bruins, Old(er) Bruins, Future Bruins, just remember this picture:

Go Bruins.