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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - TJ Simmons Decommits, Kenny Orjioke at Power 5 Discussions and Bill Walton Bingo

Do you have the measles yet?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Like sand through the hourglass, so goes every last minute of our lives as we wait for Signing Day. Here's the TJ Simmons drama:

Last night:

Annnnnd this morning:

Well, the coaches are out there making their pushes. 5 Star Iman Marshall:

Colin Samuel:

Will Lockett

Because Chris Clark's recruitment is extremely fascinating, this has to be shared. Does Clark attend Hogwarts?


UCLA also provides you with life skills. Kenny Orjioke is UCLA's student representative at the Power 5 autonomy meetings and did a fantastic job:

With hands this big, Owa doesn't need a deflated football:

The NCAA recently reinstated Joe Paterno's wins. Randy Cross was not happy.

Bill Walton is not broadcasting our game tonight but keep this handy the next time he does:

How are your measles?

Several Women's Soccer players were drafted in the NWSL. Coach Cromwell, the emphasis should have been on BE, for a true Chandler Bing quote:

A bit late, but congratulations to Dalton Hilliard's father on his new job:

Tweet is two weeks old. Still relevant.

This tweet by Rick Neuheisel caused quite a stir two weeks ago, I still am not 100% sure if he's talking about the show or just the quote:

It'd be very quiet for this column:

Go Bruins.