UCLA Football Ranks #1 in Graduation Among Final Top 25 Teams

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images has an article today which lists the football graduation rates of the teams who finished in the AP and the USAToday Coaches' Top 25 polls.

Guess who's #1? Yup. That's right. It's the Bruins!

UCLA topped the list with an 88 percent. Boise State followed at 85 percent.

As for other Pac-12 schools, Oregon and ASU finished at #11 and #12, respectively, with 70% and 69%. Arizona was 21st at 64%. Meanwhile, the University of Second Choice was 24th with only 58%. The only Top 25 school with a worse graduation rate was Ole Miss at 52%. Way to go, Trogans!

But, it kind of makes you wonder exactly what Dan Guerrero was thinking about when he spoke at yesterday's UC Regents meeting. Well, the meeting was in San Francisco. Maybe he had lunch at a little Italian restaurant in North Beach where the good ol' chianti flowed easily.

Go Bruins!

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