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UCLA Basketball Loses to Oregon Proving they Can't Play Offense or Defense

UCLA basketball has rarely looked this bad. UCLA has lost 7 of their last 10.

Oregon got whatever they wanted.
Oregon got whatever they wanted.
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA had 7 points in the first 8 minutes.   Proving that UCLA can struggle on offense against anyone.  At 16-9 GG got tangled up a rebound and got called for flagrant one for a follow through.   UCLA continued the pathetic offense and fell down 25-12 with 9:21 left letting Oregon shot over 70%.

And where did most of the offense come from for UCLA in the first half? Almost none through the set offense.  Bryce Alford hit some threes that were tough.   It was almost all individual effort as shown by the 9 points  at half time Kevon  Loney who has no plays called for him.

And the offense was better than the D which let Oregon hit 75% including 8 in a row.  Oregon led 46-31 which was probably closer than it should have been.   Hilariously UCLA hater Doug Gottlieb said the key for UCLA at half was "guard anyone." He was half right.

Steve may be happy because Bryce had a good shooting game.  But hilariously Doug G. again said in defending Bryce, he is a good shooter just needs to work on basically everything else.  But Doug G. misses the point.  This is a team that is not playing up to its potential.  It is a team that doesn't play D.  Does not play a set offense well.  Does not play smart.  It can beat bad teams.  It is embarrassed by good teams.

Individual details of the game don't matter at this point.

This is on Steve.  This is a team that is not just underachieving it is ugly.

Forget the NCAA, shoot forget the NIT.  Can this team have a winning record?  It may be close.

If this was Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, or Kansas Steve would be fired now.  It would not matter the contract.  The big question now is how bad does it have to get this season for Steve to be fired?  How bad does it have to be for UCLA boosters and fans to push Steve out?

This is so ugly.  When is it going to  stop?