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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Kansas State Leaping at Brett Hundley: The Aftermath

Was K-State's leap bush league?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Bruin Twitterverse will be divided into two sections following our Alamo Bowl victory. Today's entry: The kneel down discussed around the world, or, the handshake that was and wasn't.

A lot of this was immediate twitter reaction from last night, so take it as you will.

Brett Hundley appreciated it.

And the players fell in line.

Protect your QB.

Also, don't go to war with an old man.

Ted Miller thought it was Bush league.

Caleb Benenoch then went off this morning.

(if emojis do not show, that's a cup of tea and a frog.) He also tweeted a video angle of the leap.

Recruits dug it.

But to end this saga for now, here's what one of the beat writers had to say (that's not named Chris Foster).

When he was at the airport:

Bigger issue for us:

I posted the post game press conference post last night. I listened to Mora. He didn't address why the first handshake was so quick, and the second was longer with hand gestures which pretty much said "your guy jumped, not cool" but he knew it was coming or something was coming if he had Vanderdoes and Clark out there flanking Hundley.  He spent the time defending his record this season.

But the morning after, still bush league on the UCLA side.

K-State is less than happy with Mora's response. No one likes baseball's unwritten rules either?

If you're interested, there are two sides to this story still going on Twitter. Tons of people mad that Mora took on a senior citizen, and others happy that he defended his players. Middle ground will be hard to find.

Go Bruins.