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UCLA Basketball Loses its Fifth in a Row

And still can't score. 15 points in the first half.

Bryce is not a PAC 12 level point guard.  UCLA is not an NCAA D-1 level offense
Bryce is not a PAC 12 level point guard. UCLA is not an NCAA D-1 level offense
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA has now lost five in a row.  And we may not be at the bottom.  The team is getting worse every game.  We have scored 7, 15, and 17 in three of those first halves.  We have no set offense, no bench and generally no clue.  Instead of pontificating more let's just show a few numbers.

By the numbers first half:

  • First 4 shots were threes.  Including two three attempts by Bryce one of which was an air ball.  The first non-three point attempt led to a traditional three point attempt by Tony Parker which caused Bill Walton to comment "look what happens when you pass the ball."
  • Until 12:01 Utah goes on a 11-0 point run that finally ends.  It was highlighted by an ugly Bryce drive that led to a turnover and a layup with a foul going the other way as we failed to get back.
  • 9-1 Rebounding start favoring Utes.  We started rebounding better when we went zone and Utes starting center went out.
  • 1-10 shooting for Bryce Alford and Isaac Hamilton.  As Walton said: "Bryce is looking to shot everytime he touches the ball."
  • Bill Walton also said: "Whoever has the ball is looking to shoot it."
  • Last 11 points were Utah as UCLA went last 6 minutes and 16 seconds without a basket.
  • 15 points in a half.  Another record low for UCLA.
  • 5 points in the first half from the set offense.  Other 10 were fast break or second chance.

Second half:

  • After the first score of the half, 14 in a row for Utah.
  • Bill Walton:  "this is like a practice for Utah."
  • It took until 9:25 left in the second half for a player other than Tony Parker to score for UCLA.
  • Tony Parker fouled out with 7:37 left in the half as the only player besides GG to score in the second half
  • 7:09 left when a guard scored
  • 5:30 left when Utah's star Wright set because the game was over at 62-29.
  • Bryce went 0-10.

The final score was 71-39, we failed to break 40.  This is the ugliest UCLA basketball has looked since Lavin's last season.  And in fairness to Lavin, the UCLA offense has never looked worse.