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The Bruins Nation Awards 2014: Vote For Best Writing

Anyone want to relive 2014? Well, how about if it's just the Best Writing of the Year on Bruins Nation? Let's look back at some of the best blogposts from 2014, from the best online community in the Internet world. Today we announce our nominees for Best Writing and your votes will decide the winner.

112 Titles, 1 Heisman, 2 straight Lotts, a new Butkus, and now another Benny!
112 Titles, 1 Heisman, 2 straight Lotts, a new Butkus, and now another Benny!

Happy 2015, Bruins Nation! It's time for the 5th annual Bruins Nation Awards.

The holidays are past but that doesn't mean we have to stop celebrating. Let's look back at 2014 with our yearly awards from the best online Bruins community. Today, we announce our nominees for Best Writing, and our nominees for Best Humor will go up tomorrow. Links to the nominees and the poll for your votes are included below.

Today we will start with the Best Writing from the BN community. Your votes will determine the winner of the pretty highly coveted Benny, a 5 inch replica of the 40 foot high blue Bruin sculpture in downtown Denver. #IOTT (I own this town).

I want to start with my sincere thanks to everyone who participates here at BN. The year has had its ups and downs and BN is going through its own growing pains, but the thing that keeps us all together is our love for U.C.L.A. That bond makes this community special, and it is those community members who are the lifeblood of BN. These awards are a way to honor and thank you guys. Front pagers are ineligible for consideration. These awards are given only to our BN community members.

Getting down to 5 finalists was almost impossible, but we did it and we have some great pieces. Each title below is linked to the original post so you can go back and reread the finalists.

So, with no further ado…the finalists for the 2014 BN Award for Best Writing are :

UCLA Athletics Attendance: FAIL at Marketing to Students When Others Take Action - MexiBruin Feb 24

  • Mexi took the topic of declining student attendance in college sports and examined what several other schools are actively doing to combat the decline in student attendance and interest and compared what the Morgan Center seems to be either ignoring or passively accepting.

UCLA Admission Decision Day 2014: Reflection Thread - BruinHalo March 21

  • This great post with an epic comments section was published on March 21, the day that UCLA undergraduate admission acceptances were issued. This prompted BruinHalo to share his own experience and invite others to do the same, and his great story was followed by the best comment section of the year as others shared their own happy, and sometimes not-so-happy, stories.

Little Things: Treating Imposters The SameLittle Things, Part 2: Encounters With Coach - Bruinut Aug10, Nov12

  • The Meryl Streep of Bruins Nation had another prolific year on BN, so much so that this year we're just combining two posts into a single nomination. Bruinut's two part series on Little Things was a wonderful reflection on how Coach Wooden's attention to the seemingly little things in life made an enormous difference. Death, taxes, Forbath, and Bruinut.

College Football HOF (UCLA Style) - mexeastla Nov 17

  • mexeastla took a trip to the College Hall of Fame in Atlanta and was kind enough to share his All-Access Pass with Bruins Nation in this outstanding photo documentary of the numerous UCLA Football legends enshrined in the museum.

Growing Up Bruin - yumes Dec 13

  • After an incredible opportunity ended with a heartbreaking loss, yumes shared both the passion and the pain that comes with being a lifetime Bruin fan. But no matter how frustrating the setback, yumes, like all the rest of us, vows to come back. Bruin for life.

Congrats to our 5 finalists!

As with previous awards, we reviewed each of the year's fanshots and fanposts, selected the best, and then narrowed it down to a final 5 nominees. The finalists were chosen on a pretty subjective combination of eloquence, relevance, originality, and emotion, and got bonus points for the conversation it created in the comments. It was harder than ever this year to choose just 5, and that's an annual testament to the great minds and the great passion of the people here on BN. This year's semifinalists included: SethChandler, bruin1999, Nirya, rocket rod forever, KSBruin, bruinfollower, TheRelMrOctober, MPak, GoFightWinBruins, liggyphys, Sam in fm, UC3115145431LA, BrendonBruin, 13 to 9, HongKongBruin95, orlandobruin, robot champion, Class of 66, BruinCore, zimniner, dbear737, uc_aquaman, WoodenMania, LABruin, brugym, scotty256, Bruinmed, charnaw, Billy The Sid, UCLAbeer&mathematics, Blue Heart, UCLA'94, UCLAVandy, and tony.archuleta.311.

Voting will remain open until Jan 15. Shortly after, we will announce the winners of the Best Writing and Best Comedy polls, and we will and we will award our third annual Editors' Choice Award for outstanding contributions to Bruins Nation. Last year's Editors' Choice winner was MexiBruin and we will have a new winner this year.

Get your votes in and share your thoughts in the comments below.