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Mora The Same: Stanford Beats UCLA Again

Stanford dominates UCLA through three quarters to win 56-35.

Jim Mora lost yet another game against Stanford.
Jim Mora lost yet another game against Stanford.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It started with one of the most embarassing first halves of the Jim Mora era and it didn't finish any better.

Actually, it wasn't that bad to start. On the first series, the UCLA defense allowed Christian McCaffrey to break a 25-yard run, but then the defense buckled down and forced a 3-and-out.

It was downhill from there. Following an offensive PI call, Josh Rosen was intercepted by Alijah Holder who took it in for six points.

UCLA settled for a field goal on their next drive after moving 61 yards on 7 plays. In this case, two penalties took the Bruins from 1st and Goal from the Stanford 10 to 2nd and Goal from Stanford's 23.

Following Christian McCaffrey's 96-yard kick return, the Cardinal punched it in from four yards out to make the score 14-3.

It started to feel somewhat Dorrellian at that point as Stanford was scoring touchdowns and the Bruins were putting up field goals and the rout was on.

But UCLA sought to keep it from becoming totally Dorrellian when Josh Rosen threw a 70-yard touchdown pass to Darren Andrews.

Stanford responded with another TD on Kevin Hogan's pass to Devon Cajuste. Christian McCaffrey added to more TDs to make the score 35-10.

Josh Rosen wasn't done trying to win the game though and the Bruins added a touchdown as the half ended on Paul Perkins' 3-yard run. The score was 35-17 at the break.

In the third quarter, Stanford put the game away for good by scoring three touchdowns including two by McCaffrey and one of the most incredible catches you'll see this year by Francis Owusu.

Meanwhile, a field goal was the best the Bruins could do in the third quarter. The quarter ended with the score 56-20 Stanford.

UCLA did manage to add two TDs in the fourth but it was just too little, too late.

There's no use in sugarcoating it. This game was a complete and total loss from the very beginning.

UCLA did manage to run the ball reasonably well with Perkins carrying 14 times for 104 yards, but the UCLA defense just couldn't stop Christian McCaffrey who ran for a Stanford school record 243 yards on 25 carries.

On offense, the problem was two-fold. First, it was penalties. The Bruins were called for 10 penalties for 92 yards and many of those calls hurt UCLA. The second issue was third-down efficiency where the Bruins were 3 of 16. That's an 18.75% success rate.

While that may not totally lay at Noel Mazzone's doorstep, the man is still responsible for calling plays which will succeed at getting a first down. Clearly, Mazzone failed. Again.

Defensively, what can be said except for the fact that the defense couldn't stop Christian McCaffrey. That was the defensive key to the game. He put up a school record for rushing yards in a game along with four touchdowns. It wasn't until very late in the game that the entire UCLA team finally outscored McCaffrey.

The offensive line has regressed since Coach Adrian Klemm returned from his suspension. There is no excuse for the lack of play by the offensive line. There are no major injuries (at least until tonight when Connor McDermott went out). This isn't a "young" unit.

So, it will very interesting to hear what Mora, Mazzone and Klemm have to say to explain the performance of the offensive line.

Based on this game and the ASU game, I have to say I'll be surprised if this team can beat Cal next week or if they can even win another game this season besides Colorado and, at this point, that may not even be a lock.

Go Bruins!!!