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Spaulding Report: UCLA Football to Honor Women Affected by Breast Cancer

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Today Coach Mora and Coach Bradley met with the press after practice. While Mora discussed honoring women and families affected by breast cancer, Bradley discussed the challenge of playing against U.C. Berkeley's offense.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and sports teams are bringing awareness to the issue by sporting pink on their uniforms. The Bruins will be doing something even more substantial this week, naming women in the Bruin football family who have been affected by breast cancer as game captains.

Coach Mora said that his grandmother passed away from breast cancer and said many in the UCLA football program, players, staff, and coaches, have women close to them that are battling the disease. So the team decided to do something a little more special than just wearing pink. Nine women will act as team captains in order to honor them.

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A huge thank you Bruins Report Online for access to the video and the transcript of the interview.

From Coach Mora:

We'll do something before. Some of our players and coaches and staff members have been affected by breast cancer. And this being breast cancer awareness month, we're going to have any of the females in our family that have been affected by breast cancer be our honorary captains.  My grandma passed away from breast cancer, my mom is a two-time survivor and we have about nine players and other people in our department that have been affected by it.  So we're going to walk them on the field and honor them. And then we hope to play well and get a win against a very good Cal game.

My grandmother also passed away from breast cancer when I was very young and my mother is a breast cancer survivor, so I really appreciate these women being honored in this way. As Coach Mora says one can do more than just wear pink:

We'll be wearing black. We have a nice looking black uniform. We'll have pink, a little more understated, pink ribbon on our helmet...  To me, it becomes more about the fashion then the cause and the cause is breast cancer awareness instead of looking good in pink.

Here's the black they'll be wearing:

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Don't forget to wear your black as well!

On the football front, defensive coordinator Tom Bradley met with the press and talked a bit about the Bear offense. He seemed either a little sleepy or still sad from last Thursday's game until someone asked him about how good Jared Goff was, at which point he brought the smile.

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Thank you Jack Wang for the video!

Bradley thinks the Bears will be the biggest test for the Bruin secondary thus far due to the proficiency of their attack and what their receivers do in the lanes. Pressure seems to be a key word in this press conference. Pressure depends on the situation, don't want to pressure just for the sake of pressure, and when someone is running the ball as well as someone like Stanford pressure might not be the best thing. The biggest thing for Bradley is to not allow the explosive plays like UCLA has been allowing to happen. Bradley says Jerry Neuheisel has been able to run what Berkeley runs in practice and that UCLA has the talent to run what the Bears have been running, giving the defense a pretty good look at what they'll be seeing on Thursday. On Bear quarterback Jared Goff: "He's pretty good". Bradley has seen a lot of guys in the NFL that he got to see in college and says Goff is really good - he stays in the pocket, doesn't get happy feet, and eludes the pressure.

On another note, congratulations to a great Bruin who is having a great rookie year.

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Well, leading the team in tackles shouldn't surprise anyone! I don't usually subscribe to Sports Illustrated, but they threw in a free NFL jacket with a year's subscription this year, well, what's a girl to do? A purple one is on the way (sorry gbruin).

So that's the news from today's practice. The team should have a walk through tomorrow and later head to their hotel for the night. The game is scheduled for 6 pm UCLA Time on Thursday, so I have a feeling a lot of Bruins will have afternoon dental appointments that day. I sure do hope there will be a lot of high fives and 8-claps on Thursday. I don't know how much more of this we can take!

Have a wonderful evening, and as always ...

Go Bruins!