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Post Exhibition Game UCLA Beats CSLA

Isaac Hamilton could not be stopped
Isaac Hamilton could not be stopped
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The starting lineup was a shock.  Yeah, we knew that Aaron would start because Prince Ali was hurt.  But he joined Thomas Welsh and Tony Parker.  That was a bit of a surprise.   UCLA went three guards and two bigs.  But that was theme of the half, BIG.  On two separate occasions the SMALL forward for UCLA was 6'10".  Both Jonah Bolden and Alex Olenski played significant minutes in the first half at three.

At one point UCLA had on the floor Aaron Holiday, Noah Allen, Jonah Bolden, Tony Parker and Thomas Welsh.  Realistically this is a lineup of 2 Centers, Two Power Forwards (Allen's natural position) and a combo guard.

We dominated the Boards in the first half but stunk it up outside.  31-13 on rebounds (lol Bryce, Isaac, and Bryce each had 5).  42-27 at the half  1-11 from three.   Parker had 11 points followed by Isaac and Arron with 8 .

The second half UCLA broke out quick and put the game out reach.  UCLA won 95-57.  Shot 49% (58% in second half) 35-71 but 4-15 from 3.  The BIG Bruins won rebounds 60-26. UCLA had 24 offense rebounds almost as many as CSLA had overall.

Some notes on  the players

Isaac Hamilton was the best player in the game.  Ankle breaking move, rebounds, even nice passes.  Isaac could almost score at will.  Had 20 points, 8-13, 3-5 from 3 and 8 rebounds.

Aaron Holiday made Bryce look like a pass first point guard.  Aaron forced a number of shots and was out of control.  Hustled all over the place and was great on the boards and defense but also did not look like a point.  I guess the best examples were a number of times he had steals but never looked to pass on the resulting break.  16 points and 7 rebounds.

Bryce Alford.  Not a great game.  Had a few nice plays but a couple drives to nowhere and an ugly mustard off the hot dog play.  But Bryce definitively outplayed Aaron as a point guard.  Bryce had 7 assists.

Jonah Bolden.  Looks like an athlete.  Didn't box out on a free throw and looked bad shooting from three.  However, he did look relatively quick on the top of the zone in the goofy 1-2-2 zone that Looney did fairly well. Showed some quickness in close and a decent handle with nice passes.  Played mostly three.  Seems to be pass first.  Bolden had 11 points and 11 rebounds.

Noah Allen made a nice drive and pass but really is a guy without a position.   Bricked a three and is not a guard but too small to be a forward.  However, his handle looked much better.  Played guard a lot.

Tony Parker had a bad game.  CSLA double teamed him almost every time he got the ball.  He beat it some but never passed out of it and fouled out.  Tony must learn to pass out of a double team.  He also got his ankles broke once as a four in the zone.

Thomas Welsh.  Welsh was the five with Tony on D.  Welsh did not really shine on offense.  On D he looked bad at times with stupid fouls and actually got shot over.

Alex Olenski is not GG.  Olenski looked comfortable inside and in the first half outplayed Bolden (Not in the second.)  Olenski looked nice. Had 8 rebounds.

Overall a win over a badly outmatched opponent.  This UCLA team looks really big but not really good.  Concerns about point remain.  Bolden and Holiday are key.  Both looked athletic, raw and not ready to play the position we need them to play, power forward and point guard.

Go Bruins!