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What's Bruin: Eric Kendricks Gets Start, Owa is Back, and MJD is Climbing Everest

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We have news from around the UCLA-verse on this fine Thursday morning.

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Good day Bruins Nation! While the Bruin football team prepares for a trip to Palo Alto next week and Coach Mazzone works on putting together a more aggressive game plan, let's see what else is going on for Bruins past and present.

College Football

Jack Wang brings us video of UCLA’s Ka’imi Fairbairn on his first career 50-yard field goal. Deon Hollins talks about playing with all the injuries. Chris Foster says UCLA is taking another look at it's punting game, and Joey Kaufman breaks down UCLA's lack of offensive aggression, contrasting our first play of the season with this:

UCLA opted to run the ball on its first five first downs of the game for a total of just 6 yards. On their first 19 first-down plays, they ran the ball 11 times, many of them simple handoffs up the middle.

I appreciate that Joey counts the plays. I knew it was a lot of the same, but I had no idea home exactly how much of the same it actually was.

Myles Jack sends Bruin fans really nice message:

Bruin Sports Online breaks down where Myles may go in the draft.

You can vote for Issako Savaiinaea's interception for the play of the week:

Our mothership is concerned with how UCLA fans are doing these days, and asks the question: How are UCLA fans coping with losses these days? The concern seem genuine.

The team will take three days off from practice and return to the IM field Sunday to begin working on the Stanford game plan.


Josh Rosen has been named NFF HS Scholar-Athlete:

Congratulations Josh!

The John Wooden Global Leadership Award has been awarded to Ursula Burns by the Anderson School of Management:
Underlying Coach Wooden’s definition of success was a sense of pride, a commitment to ethics and a respect for teamwork," said Dean Judy Olian. "During the last 35 years, Ursula Burns has demonstrated her embodiment of these qualities in multiple capacities.

The Pros and Beyond

Maurice Jones-Drew is at it again, this time climbing Mt. Everest... Do you think it's real?

A short while back, bruinfollower wrote about Kermit Alexander's fall and redemption. You can meet Kermit next Tuesday at Barnes & Noble in Marina Del Rey when he signs his new book, "The Valley of the Shadow of Death: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption".

Eric Kendricks is doing incredibly well in his rooking season, so well in fact, that the Vikings have traded away their starting linebacker, making way for Kendricks to take the spot.

Owamagbe Odighizuwa played in his first NFL game last week, after missing the first three games with an injury. Giants fans are hoping Owa will be what they need to beef up their impotent pass rush.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is working to earn a spot with the Clippers. Norman Powell continues to impress as he was a big part of the Raptors 4th quarter comeback attempt against the Warriors on Tuesday. They came to L.A. yesterday, and it sounds like they were practicing on campus? Any Norman sightings? Tonight Norman will get to play against the Lakers in Ontario (California). The game will air on the Time Warner Channel and on NBA TV at 7 pm Pacific, or you can head out to the game - tickets start at $25Norman says what we all think, "It's nice to come back to UCLA".

One last cool thing: If you would like to sing the National Anthem at Pauley this year, auditions are being held soon, so get your application in before it's too late.

That should do it for this morning. Have a wonderful day, and as always ...
Go Bruins!