Stupid and Ignorant

After a rather ugly BYU game, I posted that it was time to hold our beloved Coach Mora accountable for the coordinators and assistants on his staff -- a staff that had given us three games of ugly, undisciplined football.

I was told that I was stupid and ignorant. How dare I point to sloppy undisciplined play when we were 3-0? Some argued that our stat's trumped what we saw with our very own eyes -- a very talented team that was poorly coached and not put in positions to win.

Sadly, the person who called me that has come over to the side challenging the Mazznes. I wish it were the other way around. I wish we were undefeated and I had been proven stupid and ignorant for even questioning the coaching staff and pointing out that it was Mora's responsibility.

I am troubled that In other threads, some are saying that if we win out and win the conference championship the season will be a success.

Get ready to call me stupid and ignorant again, if you must but ...

Nothing will turn this season into a success, in my mind, because winning out is only painting over the rust of some season long, very ugly football. I cannot look at the games we lost and how we lost them, and most of the games we won, without thinking that we have left way too much on the table, not because of a lack of talent but because our coaches do not know how to teach, nurture, deploy and scheme for that talent.

I am old school, a Geezer. For me,

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable."

Some of our players have been successful. Our program has not. We have lost games we should not have lost and passed up opportunities we should have seized. We have not been the best of which we are capable.

The truth is that but for some incredible players, who overcame the limitations placed on them by the poor coaching and scheming, our records would have been far worse. They were able to turn mediocre coaching performances into wins. The credit is theirs, not the coaches.

And, that, is on Coach Mora. Whatever the final results of this season, he needs to get rid of the Mazznes and Klemm, and find a way to have a special teams coach. He needs to change his attitude on penalties AND do something to stop them -- including disciplining those who commit them.

My fear is that should we win our next 3 or 4 games, all will be forgotten. Nothing will change. Mora will remain the great guy we like off the field but the CEO who cannot manage a program. Klemm will remain a great recruiter whose O line does better when he is suspended than when he is not. The Mazznes will be bailed out by Josh, Nate, and Soso, in some games, but will scheme us into losses in others -- and Josh will never develop to be the incredible QB he can be, he will simply plateau at the incredible QB he is now. We won't have a special teams coach and will be hurt in that area -- and Kaimi will be gone which will exacerbate the problem.

And, we will never attain the heights the stature of our university and the talent of our players should help us achieve.

I want us to win out. I want our incredible kids to have a reward for their hard work. And, I'm writing, before it happens, because I think it very possible we beat Utah, sc, and either WSU or Stanford.

If that happens, it will make the losses and poor play of this year more painful -- for it will show that we were capable of winning those games and playing better but that we did not.

I fear that if that happens, the apologists will remerge. The challenges will be silenced. Our expectations will have been managed. And, Coach Mora will do nothing to ensure that we take that next big step forward.

And, then, when I argue that Mora, by his tacit acceptance of bad coaching and undisciplined play, is holding us back, I fully expect to be called stupid and ignorant again.

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