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UCLA Beats an Awful CSUN

Bruins Streak out to 14-0 lead and never looked back

Jonah Bolden did some nice works on the boards.
Jonah Bolden did some nice works on the boards.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA held a terrible CSUN to 45 points in a 77 to 45 win.  Stats are here.

UCLA jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first half.  CSUN missed their first 11 shots.  Maybe there was better D maybe CSUN is just not that good.  On the other hand as soon as Parker went out CSUN scored their first four points. The rest of the half UCLA mostly traded scores.  UCLA was particularly good from three in the first half.  Shooting 7-12 and led by 4-6 from Isaac Hamilton.  Interesting Bryce had 0 field goals but did have seven assists.  Really it is tough to take much from this.  I guess if I am glass half full type it was nice to watch people drain threes and if I am glass half empty I am angry that we could only play "tough" for the first five minutes against a vastly inferior team.

UCLA came out the second half and to their credit put the game away.  For the first time Jonah Bolden looked like a force on the Boards.  It was nice to see him sky for rebounds and control the inside.  This was a flash of the power forward we were hoping for.  However, this is CSUN.  This is by far the worst team UCLA played this season.  Parker had a double double and Bryce was back at point dishing out 10 assists.

But really as ArmyBruin pointed out we did not always look good.  Better than CSUN, sure, but it still looks we are more likely to be on the opposite side of a 14-0 run against Kentucky on Thursday.