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UCLA Routs Oregon State 41-0

The Bruins win big in the rain and on the road.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

So, as I mentioned in the Week 10 open thread, the big questions this week were how we would look against another inferior team. As we all know, Mora's teams have a disturbing habit of playing down to teams like this. Last week, we let Colorado hang around until they took the lead late in the game. It took some late game heroics by Soso Jamabo to take back the lead and save the game.

This week, our concerns on defense are centered on our disturbing inability to stop the Buffalo run game. Beyond that Coach Bradley informed us of the staggering amount of players playing out of position and learning as they go.

On offense, we worried whether we would stop shooting ourselves in the foot. Be it untimely penalties or a disturbing inability to move the ball, or chew up the clock, the Colorado Buffaloes exposed many weaknesses.

1st Quarter

The Beavs opened the game by going 33 yards on 8 plays and taking 3:40 off the clock. The Bruins promptly went 3 and out, managing 4 yards across :36 seconds before punting. Yes. Seriously. The Beavs returned the favor by going 16 yards on 5 plays then punting. But, they managed to take 2:36 off the clock. The Bruins then took the field with a little chip on their shoulder and moved the ball down field. A couple of back to back penalties made it 1st and 25. An incomplete pass to Jordan Payton would have secured the 1st down. I don't know what the refs were thinking on that one. 40 yards on 11 plays followed by a punt. But, we took 5:19 off the clock. The Beavs then went 51 yards on 6 plays including a 26 yard run by Storm Barr-Woods. But Kenny Young forced a fumble to end the drive, and one play later, the Quarter. Score: Zeros all around.

2nd Quarter

Bruins took the field for some more of the same, moving the ball 46 yards on 9 plays with a false start penalty thrown in. But, it was the inability to convert a 3rd and 3 that led to settling for a field goal by Kaimi Fairbairn. The Beavs got the ball back and ran for 4 yards then threw a pick that Jaleel Wadood got his hands on, then bobbled but ultimately pulled in by Randall Goforth. Led by Paul Perkins, the Bruins then drove 42 yards on 7 plays, culminating in an 8 yard TD pass to Thomas Duarte. Score: 10 - 0 Bruins. The Beavs got the ball back and promptly went 5 yards on 3 plays. With apologies to Scotty, their best play was a 66 yard punt downed on our 4 yard line. Being good guests, the Bruins promptly stumbled and fumbled its way around the field until Rosen spotted Kenny Walker streaking down the sideline for a 63 yard pass and a 1st down. 4 plays later, Rosen and Duarte connected for a TD pass. 96 yards, 8 plays, and 4:15 off the clock. Score 17 - 0 Bruins. The Beavs got back to business, unfortunately for them, do did John Johnson. 2 yards on 3 plays ended by that Johnson Interception. The Bruins came out firing on all cylinders, literally; going 58 yards on 2 plays. 51 yards to Thomas Duarte, followed by a 7 yard TD run by Paul Perkins. Score: 24 - 0 Bruins. Beavers took the field and stumbled around some more, going 8 yards on 6 plays, ending ignominiously with McKinley essentially sacking himself. The Beavers punted, the Bruins tossed it around to end the half, 24 - 0 Bruins.

3rd Quarter

Bruins opened up the second half with a monster 39 yard return by Ishmael Adams, then going 61 yards on 6 plays, capped off with an impressive 11 yard TD run by Nate Starks. The Beavers next drive started well enough chewing up yardage with purpose, going 39 yard on 9 plays. Until that is, Jaleel Wadood inserted himself in the conversation with his first interception of the night, 3rd for OSU. The Bruins took the field and resumed business as usual, going 78 yards on 15 plays before the drive eventually stalled in the red zone. Kaimi Fairbairn was brought out to kick a 29 yard field goal. Score: 34 - 0 Bruins. The Beavers took the field again, and only managed 2 yards on 3 plays before punting. Ismael dropped the punt, but was able to reel it back in, to start the drive. The Bruins then went 93 yards on 9 plays; but, none so impressive as Soso Jamabo's 30 yard run for a TD to cap off the drive, and the 3rd Quarter. Score: 41 - 0 Bruins.

4th Quarter

The Beavers started the 4th quarter, but that is the most you can say about their drive. They went 1 yard on 3 plays before punting. Jerry Neuheisel led the Bruins onto the field. Perhaps forgetting that Jerry led the Bruins to a win against the Texas Longhorns in the Stadium Jerry Jones built, Noel Mazzone called some predictable run plays that went nowhere until Jerry was finally allowed to wing one on 3rd and 11. Predictably it was incomplete. -1 yard on 3 plays followed by a punt. The Beavs were not about to be out done, however, and promptly went 5 yards on 3 plays before punting it away. Jerry led the offense back on the field and improved a little bit, going 48 yards on 10 plays before stalling and punting. The Beavs came back out firing, trying to get that donut off the scoreboard. But, they could only manage 51 yards on 5 plays before turning the ball over on downs. Mike Faufal led the Bruins on the field and mostly handed the ball off to Roosevelt Davis. But, he did find Eldridge Massington, which has been something of a mystery around here lately. Ultimately going 67 yards on 10 plays to end the game.

Wrap Up

A pregame assessment of an over abundance of rain spelled sloppy and run heavy football. Luckily that wasn't the case. Not for us, anyway. Our UCLA Football Bruins went out there and put up 284 run yards and 390 passing yards for an all around complete effort. To add to the team effort, the defense forced 4 three and outs and really just shut down (and out) the Beaver offense.

It was a good game to enjoy, There were a lot of names called out for good plays. Rosen, Duarte, Perkins, Starks, and Jamabo all had touchdowns. Goforth, Johnson, and Wadood all had interceptions. Did I mention that Josh Rosen has another 300+ yard game to his name? What is that? 4 this year? The future is bright with Rosen at the helm.

All in all, my pre game concerns were fruitless. The offense moved the ball, and the defense got off the field. You'll hear no complaints from me tonight. Final Score: 41 - 0 Bruins.

PS: It was a joy watching the game with Kevin Calabro calling the play by play. He has a really baseball type voice and style for calling the game. None of the inane blather you can find on the so called World Wide Leader in Sports. I honestly wanted to know what Fox 71 would have thought. If he even heard the game. ;)