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Bruins Nation Pac-12 Pick 'Em: One More Week

With just one week left in Bruins Nation Pac-12 Pick 'Em, two competitors have distanced themselves from the field.

Harry How/Getty Images

Ten weeks down, one to go. This is the final chance for contenders to score big and overtake the overall leader. It's the week that will separate the winner from the losers.

But before we get to the leaderboard, we should look back on the results from week 10. Although it was a disheartening weekend for UCLA fans, the battle between the Bruins and the Boys from Troy was just one of 22 games on the Bruins Nation Pac-12 Pick 'Em slate. Like most of us, GK4ucla got that game wrong, but he got 14 other games right to lead the field last week. Three contestants--Bruin05, Silicon Valley Bob, and uclaluv--finished in a tie for second place with 13 points, and three more competitors--Matt, BruinDE, and Gobruins2015 finished with 12 points, two behind the leader.

Congratulations to GK4ucla for a clutch win heading into the final week of Pac-12 Pick 'Em!

Here's the leaderboard after 10 weeks of the competition:

Rank Contestant Total Lowest Score Revised Total
1 Silicon Valley Bob 120 9 111
2 BetaBruin 109 0 109
T3 IE Angel 114 8 106
T3 GK4ucla 113 7 106
T3 Shepley 106 0 106
T6 Insomnia333 113 8 105
T6 BruinBandDad 105 0 105
T6 BruinDE 105 0 105
T9 4thGenBruin 111 8 103
T9 FYI - Am I Winning? 110 7 103
T9 Matt 108 5 103
T12 HeyLewiMan 101 0 101
T12 ucla805 101 0 101
14 Bruin05 110 10 100
T15 OC Bruin 107 8 99
T15 LawBruin 106 7 99
T15 The Ghost of Red Sanders 106 7 99
T15 Gobruins2015 105 6 99

Please note that the overall winner will be determined by the revised totals that discard the lowest weekly score for each competitor.

With just one week to go, Silicon Valley Bob has a two point lead over BetaBruin, and a five point lead over IE Angel, GK4ucla, and Shepley. Three contestants (Insomnia333, BruinBandDad, and BruinDE) are locked in a tie for sixth place, five points behind the leader, and another three contestants (4thGenBruin, Matt, and FYI - Am I Winning?)are tied for ninth place, six points behind the leader.

With just 15 games on the Pac-12 Pick 'Em schedule this week, it seems extremely likely that the competition will come down to a battle between Silicon Valley Bob and BetaBruin. However, it's worth noting that Silicon Valley Bob can earn no less than nine points this week--anything less than a 9 this week would become his low score, which would then be discarded. That's a pretty substantial advantage in a week with a relatively small number of games slated.

The first game in week 11 of Bruins Nation Pac-12 Pick 'Em is Bowling Green at Northern Illinois on Friday at 5:00 PM PST. Please make sure you don't miss the entry deadline in the final week of the contest!

Finally, thank you to everyone who joined the competition this season and good luck this week. Go BRUINS!