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College Football Saturday (Championship) Week 14 Open Thread

College Football Saturday Week 14 Open Thread

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Something really ugly happened last weekend.

I'm not talking about the 40-21 demoralizing loss to Southern Cal. I'm talking about what happened afterwards.

The post game threads proved that the Bruin fan base was not happy. That is to be understood. The Bruin Nation was angry. Not unexpected. But, somewhere amid the charges of incompetence, the members here turned on each other. We were gnashing and biting at each other very much like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Zimniner attacked anybody that did not agree with every single little thing he said. I let him have it. I'm sure he didn't appreciate it. Seth Chandler and Class of '66 disagreed bitterly and surprised many. Seth is widely respected around here, while Class of '66 is widely and deeply respected around here. Seth crossed the line in my opinion making some very incendiary comments.

People were not listening to what other people were saying. They made assumptions. They were responding to what they thought they heard. If you could cut through the noise however, and read between the lines, a couple of things became patently obvious. Everybody was unhappy. Everybody felt this team had underachieved. Again. Some took the big picture look of another disappointing season. Some were micro focused on the failure within a single game. Nobody is happy with another middling bowl game far from the heights we all agree this team can reach under proper leadership. And, that's where the consensus ends.

I'm not going to preach for more civility in our discourse. I'm no one to preach. I think despite the severity of our disagreements, this forum worked. Somewhere lost in the shower of thinly veiled insults, some very good points were made. Some people even took those points to heart and said so. Good for you. All of you.

But, let me be clear, I'm thanking those who are able to get over their hostility and see reason. Those who can see what the other guy is saying. At the end of the day this is a community of Bruins. Everybody here is a neighbor of sorts. Let's not act any differently here than we would at home with our actual neighbors.

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Once again, we end another season sitting on the sidelines without a stake in our own Championship Game. We will head into the lull before Bowl Season licking our wounds, wondering what we can expect from our Basketball program.

#22 Temple at #19 Houston - 9am, ABC

The little respected AAC has a Championship Game. (Take that Big 12) And, while the winner has ZERO chance of playing there way into the Playoffs; they are playing for something almost as good. I'll let Sports Illustrated fill you in:

the inaugural AAC championship game is a clear-cut play-in game for the Group of Five’s New Year’s Six bowl bid, which goes to the conference champion slotted highest in the playoff rankings. With Houston at No. 19 and Temple at No. 22 and no other potential Group of Five champion in the top 25, there’s no chance that whoever wins Saturday won’t get the automatic bid.

#18 Florida at #2 Alabama - 1pm, CBS

Alabama already has a seat at the Playoff Table, so long as it takes care of this one little obligation on Saturday. With QB Will Grier suspended, Florida's chances look dim. But, stranger things have happened. Tune in so you can assess Bama's outlook for the three game playoff. Your office pool is dependent on it.

#20 Southern Cal at #7  Stanford - 4:45pm, ESPN/ESPN3

Realistically, these teams are playing for a Rose Bowl berth. But, should Stanford win, and somebody else lose, they could have an outside chance of squeaking into the four team playoff. The Trees beat the Spoiled Children in week 3; while Sarkisian was Coach. The Ketchup and Mustard crowd would like you to believe that this will make a difference. It won't.

#10 North Carolina at #1 Clemson - 5pm, ABC

Much like Bama, Clemson has only to hold serve here and they slide into the playoffs with the best seed. North Carolina is no chump, however, and come into this match up with only one blemish on their record. Larry Fedora was one of the hot names in coaching 4 years ago when he took the job, and this year's results show why. But, don't kid yourself; the Tar Heels have their work cut out for them.

#5 Michigan State at #4 Iowa - 5pm, FOX

Easily the most anticipated game of the weekend, both teams come into this match up with something to prove. Iowa is undefeated at 12 - 0; and has yet to receive the respect you would think would come from that. The people in charge of assembling the rankings have only recently, and begrudgingly moved them up into the top 4. And, they put two 1 loss teams ahead of them. Michigan State on the other hand, took care of business by beating #3, Ohio State, #7 Oregon, and #12 Michigan in order to get here. But, there are those who question their record thanks to a couple of last second wins against Ohio State and Michigan. The loss to 5 - 7 Nebraska doesn't help their case. But, the winner is going to the playoffs, so you can bet they will both 'bring it.'

Which game will you be watching?

You can also check in on any of the SBN sister sites and see what other respective fan bases have to say about their particular match ups.

Fri, Dec 4, 2015
8:00 PM ET
Bowling Green vs.
(MAC Championship)
Northern Illinois
Sat, Dec 5, 2015
12:00 PM ET
(22) Temple vs.
(AAC Championship)
(19) Houston
12:00 PM ET
Southern Miss vs.
(CUSA Championship)
Western Kentucky
12:00 PM ET
Texas at (12) Baylor
2:00 PM ET
Georgia State at Georgia Southern
3:00 PM ET
New Mexico State at Louisiana-Monroe
3:00 PM ET
Texas State at Arkansas State
4:00 PM ET
(2) Alabama vs.
(SEC Championship)
(18) Florida
4:30 PM ET
West Virginia at Kansas State
5:00 PM ET
Troy at Louisiana-Lafayette
7:30 PM ET
Appalachian State at South Alabama
7:30 PM ET
Air Force vs.
(MWC Championship)
San Diego State
7:45 PM ET
(7) Stanford vs.
(Pac-12 Championship)
(20) USC
8:00 PM ET
(1) Clemson vs.
(ACC Championship)
(10) North Carolina
8:00 PM ET
(4) Iowa vs.
(Big Ten Championship)
(5) Michigan State