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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Zach LaVine Wins the Slam Dunk Competition

Former Bruin Zach LaVine shows off the hops we saw during his one year at UCLA.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Did you watch the NBA Slam Dunk Competition last night?  No? Well, you missed the Zach LaVine show.

LaVine, who was born to be in this competition, completely destroyed the competition last night.

First, he entered to the music of Space Jam, complete with the Quad City DJs.

And then, stripping down to a ToonStars jersey, delivers on his first dunk:

It was impressive because he was the only competitor to complete his dunk on the first attempt.

Then his second:

LaVine then moved to the finals against Victor Oladipo, who had no chance.

Seriously, OMG.

Everyone was going crazy:

And for his final dunk, with an assist from his T-Wolves teammate and fellow former Bruin Shabazz Muhammad

Yes, Shabazz with an assist:

LaVine lit up twitter last night.  Yes, the guy that couldn't get enough minutes last year:

Congratulations, Zach.

Reggie Miller was there with a front row view:


Yes, how did Steve Alford react...

We cannot wait for next year:

Especially if there's the promise of more. He didn't do this dunk but we would love to see it:

Just imagine the possibilities.

Go Bruins.