Video of Heroball by Bryce

This was a good shot unlike the last second heave. - Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Did Bryce play hero ball instead of passing to Isaac Hamilton for the possible game tying shot against UC Berkeley? See the video below.


Isaac was doing his part waving and make it known he was WIDE open for the tying basket. I wonder if UC Berkeley was doing its part knowing that Bryce was going to shoot so they could leave everyone else open?

For those who don't remember in the only other close loss this season, against Alabama, Bryce also took the last shots. At least this time he hit the rim as opposed to one of those shots against Alabama which he airballed.

Heroball in slomo?

While it would have been close you have to believe the wide open Isaac had a better chance to tie the game than Bryce had to win it. Too bad our point guard did not have the ball so he would have thought pass first. Oh wait.

Go Bruins.

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