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Multiple Bruins to Join UCLA Basketball Record Books This Season

As we come into the postseason, we look at which Bruins have a chance to either get their names into the record books and how many games we need to win for them to have a chance do so.

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As we enter the postseason, we now have a better idea of which Bruins have a shot to write their names in the UCLA record books. The NCAA counts both regular season and post season games, meaning that any Pac-12 tourney, NCAA or NIT games we play in will give our players a chance to add to these totals.

Norman Powell - Career Points

Powell is currently sitting at 33rd on the UCLA career scoring list with 1291 points, just ahead of Dan Gadzuric and just behind Henry Bibby. He is the highest ranked player on the list since Josh Shipp climbed to 12th in 2009. Powell only needs 4 points to jump Bibby and Kris Johnson and move into 31st. Keith Wilkes would be the next name on the list at 1349, which which likely require 2 UCLA wins to reach. Powell could potentially move as high as 25th (Walt Hazzard, 1401 points) with a UCLA win streak and some big scoring performances.

Norman Powell - Career Steals

Powell is currently 10th on the career steals list with 152 steals, just ahead of Ed O'Bannon and Gerald Madkins with 146. Reggie MIller is next on the list with 158. Powell is averaging 2.0 steals per game since the start of conference plays, so with a UCLA win, he should have a shot at moving up.

Norman Powell - Career Games Played

Powell is sitting at 5th on the games played list with 136 games, 6 games out of of 2nd place. Michael Roll is #1 on the list with 5 more games played than anyone else in a UCLA uniform. Darren Collison and Alfred Aboya are tied for 2nd with 142 games, while Josh Shipp sits in 4th with 140.

Bryce Alford - Single Season 3PT FGs and 3PT FGs attempted

Bryce has a legitimate shot at breaking the single season records for both 3 pointers made and 3 pointers attempted. He  is  75/206 on the season, good for the 8th most 3pt FGs made and 4th most FGs attempted. Arron Afflalo set both records in 2007 (tying Jason Kapono for 3 Pt FGs made), making 87/232. Bryce would need another 12 made 3's and another 26 attempts to set both records.  At his current pace, Bryce would need around 4 games to break the attempt record and 5 games to have a shot at setting the made 3PT FGs record.

Kevon Looney - Single Season Rebounds

Looney is currently at 294 rebounds on the season which would be the 24th best season in UCLA history. He only needs 25 more rebounds to move up to 11th on the list. That would be the 2nd best total since the the 1978, behind only Kevin Love. At his current pace of 9.5 rebounds per game, that would likely require only another 3 wins.

Norman Powell - Single Season Steals

Powell has 60 steals for the season, putting him just off the Top 10 list. There is a 3 way tie for 8th at 64 steals. If Powell can match his season average in his next 2 games, he should have a shot at joining or passing Earl Watson, Ed O'Bannon, and Reggie Miller on the list.

Bryce Alford, Norman Powell, and Isaac Hamilton - Single Season Minutes Played

All 3 guards have a shot to crack the top 10 in minutes played. Bryce (1124 minutes) should move as high 6th in the next 2 games and Hamilton (1063 minutes) and Powell (1060 minutes) would both likely crack the top 10 in the 3 games. Bryce could supplant Russell Westbrook at #1 on the list by averaging 38.8 minutes over 5 games.

Congratulations to the Bruins who have joined many of the UCLA greats on these record lists and let's hope for a nice post season run that will move these players up on the lists.

For anyone who is interested, the UCLA basketball record lists can be found in the media guide, downloadable at

Go Bruins!