Pac-12 Tournament: Round 1 - Open Thread

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 tournament opens play today, and while our Bruins have a bye today, we can still watch the action and see how the games will effect the bracket, as well as see who will be our opponent tomorrow. We will play the winner of the 2:30 PM Arizona State vs USC game. If you are are looking for more info on the tournament, check out our earlier previews that gives an overview of the teams to see who still has something to play for and provide some predictions for how it will play out.

All of today's games are on the Pac-12 Network and times are PST.

12PM #8 California vs #9 Washington State

2:30PM #5 Arizona State vs #12 USC

6PM #7 Oregon State vs #10 Colorado

8:30PM #6 Stanford vs #11 Washington

Chime in below with your thoughts on the games and how it will effect the tournament going forward.

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