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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: UCLA Basketball Headed to the Sweet 16.

The Bruins played their way into the Sweet 16 yesterday. Let's see what the Bruin Twitterverse has to say.

Fly Norman, fly!
Fly Norman, fly!
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the tweets by fellow and sister Bruins, I think it is important to acknowledge a very big game by UCLA's big man:

Congratulations to Tony for coming out on fire and dominating yesterday.  Throw it down Big Man. Throw it down!

Tony always just seems to know the right thing to say:

The gymnastics team found an inspiring way to prepare for today's meet in Utah:

and a way to celebrate Thursday's victory:

The football team was watching:

Bruins in our nation's capital were sharing the moment together:

The DC Bruins always put on a great party, whether it's watching basketball or organizing gatherings for a football game in Virginia (had a great time, so just wanted to give them a shout out!).

Thanks to new media, Bruin parent's everywhere were able to sneak a peak at how UCLA was doing:

From former teammates ... sweet:

I have to agree, UCLA played a team game:

From the Earl of Westwood:

Me too!

Best UCLA guard combo ever?

And the smoothest Bruin ever!

Thanks to our beat writers for getting the word out:

and for knowing you can't stump a Bruin with questions like these:

And maybe Tyus has a point:

Although I wish this weren't true:

Go Bruins!