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BruinsNation Bracket Challenge Weekend Roundup

Let's see who's in the lead.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This year, we had 55 people enter our bracket challenge. This is how things look after the first weekend of play.

After the first two rounds, the leader is Dustbin who has earned 1,590 points so far and can score a total of 5,430. For those who may not have joined, each round is worth 960 points total rather than the traditional 32 points per round. Dustbin only missed three games on Thursday and Friday, earning him 870 points. He only missed three more on Saturday and Sunday, but he did have Villanova going to the Final Four. So, one of those three was a really big miss for him. Of course, picking Arizona as his national champion will hurt him if Kentucky wins it all.

In second place, we currently have a three-way tie. Each of these individuals has picked Kentucky to win so it is possible that it could come down to the tiebreaker. Schneider7792, Tazizona, and wheemanlol are the three people tied for second place with 1,470 points so far and 5,310 possible.

Next, we have another tie for fifth-place between kingslook and Sullivan6884. Each of them has scored 1,440 so far and can score 5,280. kingslook has Gonzaga winning the title so if the Zags win, he will most likely win the challenge. Meanwhile, Sullivan has Kentucky so he will have to find a way past the three in second place if he wants to win.

It's worth noting that IEAngel is technically in second place with 1,566 points, but, by choosing the advanced game, he cannot win our traditional game title.

And, now, let's turn our attention to last place. We had one participant who forgot to enter his bracket at all and another, who for some reason, only picked four games for the entire tournament. But, of those who completed their bracket, there are currently two tied for last place. Those honors go to abudker and uclads, each of whom only managed 1,170 points over the weekend and can score a possible 5,010. I want to personally thank each of you for making sure my personal bracket which is in the toilet is not the worst of the bunch.

I hope everyone is enjoying the bracket challenge so far!

Go Bruins!