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Thanks to brugym for covering the UCLA Gymnastics team. The Bruins are competing in the regionals right now in Columbus. You can read all about it below. You can also watch it:

Here is their rotation order:

And you can follow their scores on twitter.

Here is your thread. Go Bruins

The #7 UCLA Gymnastics team is enjoying a week off as they get ready to travel to Columbus for their regional next Saturday.

The Columbus Regional

UCLA will be competing at Ohio State for a spot at NCAA Championship weekend on Saturday, April 4th at 3pm UCLA time. I believe it will be streamed on ESPN3, but that information hasn't been released. Competing in this regional is #6 Michigan, #18 Arizona, #21 Central Michigan, #26 Kentucky and #32 and host Ohio State.

Also competing in this regional as an individual qualifier is Jessie Peszek, Sam Peszek's younger sister, from Western Michigan, and she will compete on bars.

UCLA will start the meet on a bye, so if you're not at a computer at 3pm, you have about 15 minutes buffer time before UCLA starts on bars in rotation #2. (Because there are six teams, two teams will always be on a bye in each rotation. Old school gymnastics rotations.) UCLA's rotation is bye, bars, beam, bye, floor, and ending on vault. Kentucky receives the Olympic rotation (wha?!) starting on vault, Michigan starts on bars, Arizona on Beam, Central Michigan with the bye before floor, and Ohio State on floor.

In the regional, the goal is to be in one of the top two spots, and those two teams will move on to the NCAA Semi-Finals on April 17th in Fort Worth, TX. The top three teams from each semifinal will move into the Super Six the next day, which will determine the national champion. The current co-national champs are Oklahoma and Florida.

The NCAA Bracket

The NCAA released the bracket, and you can easily see UCLA's path to the Super Six. If things go according to plan (i.e. no major falls or injuries, counting a fall) UCLA and Michigan should make it through the regional and advance to Semi-Finals.

On UCLA's side of the bracket, #2 Florida and #11 Stanford should come out of the West Virginia regional, and #3 Utah and #10 Georgia should come out of the Berkeley regional. The semi-final would be UCLA, Michigan, Florida, Utah, Stanford, and Georgia.

Looking at the rankings, UCLA would be the team on the outside looking in - Florida is Florida and at nearly full strength with Bridget Sloan back from injury, Utah will still be strong even without Tory Wilson, so UCLA will have to overtake Michigan in the Semi-Finals for a chance for the Super Six. This side of the bracket is much more difficult to predict than the other side, where the third spot is a little more wide open.

Speaking of Tory Wilson, she had surgery on her ruptured Achilles and also on fractures on her left foot. I think she knew the Achilles was ruptured when she took off for her tumbling pass, (if you watch the replay, I think Jim Watson says you can see her right leg go limp in the air) and she suffered the fractures as she tried to land. Utah is deep, but Wilson is a spectacular gymnast and it's a huge loss - it is big enough to put Utah's national title hopes (not Super Six hopes) in jeopardy.

Pac-12 Honors

Five UCLA Bruins received All Pac-12 honors this week.

While I was hoping Peng Peng Lee would receive specialist of the year honors, it was hard to deny Stanford's Elizabeth Price, who was just phenomenal each time she actually competed (limited due to injuries.)

Here are our honorees, who are the top scorers in each event that did not receive all-around honors.

First Team - Samantha Peszek and Jordan Williams

First Team - Peng Peng Lee

First team sweep! - Peszek, Danusia Francis and Lee

First team - Sadiqua Bynum

Utah's Georgia Dabritz was gymnast of the year and Cal's Toni-Ann Williams was freshman of the year, and Greg and Megan Marsden of Utah were named Coach of the year.

Danusia Francis, Optimist

Look who is now featured in the UCLA optimist campaign! Francis is featured as an inventor, for her unique side aerial (really, only one other gymnast is capable of the move, which is Oregon State's (and transfer from Flordia) Silvia Colussi-Perez but she didn't show it at Pac-12s over the weekend) into her beam dismount.


Save water, sayeth UCLA Gymnastics.

Supporting Fellow Bruins

The team was spotted at the Women's Basketball NIT game and gave a quick dance on the scoreboard.

Victory dance!

Go Bruins.

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