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BN Bracket Challenge Gets A Huge Shake-up

The Sweet 16 takes its toll on Bracket Challenge leaders. The new leader correctly picked all four Regional winners.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

While the first weekend of the Tournament can make or break your bracket, the second weekend can completely shake things up.

That's the way it is after the second weekend of play as no one that was in last weekend's top 5 stayed there after this weekend.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Last weekend's leader Dustbin dropped from first to twenty-ninth. Then again, having all four of your Final Four teams will do that to you.

So, who's the new leader?

Before we reveal the new leader, let's look at who's close. In a tie for fourth place, we have BruinBoarder and Triton91 with 2,820 points each. seas98 is in third place with a 60-point lead over them.

bruinballer88 is now in second place with 2,970 points.

Before I get to the new leader, I'll mention that IEAngel has earned enough points that he would be the leader had he chosen a traditional game. As I mentioned last week, by choosing the Advanced game, he is not eligible to claim the Bracket Challenge title.

And, without further ado, your new leader is........UCLA11 with 3,030 points. UCLA11 managed to correctly pick all four teams which advanced.

But, the contest is not over yet.

Three games remain and how the games turn out will determine our winner.

Go Bruins!!!