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BOOM! Please Welcome the Bruins Nation 2015 Spring Recruiting Class!

On behalf of all of our current front pagers, I would like to introduce the newest members of the Bruins Nation front page team.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last month, UCLA Football had one of the best National Signing Days in recent memory. It seemed like announcement after announcement went in the Bruins favor.

Well, today is the Bruins Nation equivalent of NSD as we proudly welcome our Spring 2015 "Recruiting Class" to the team of Bruins Nation. It is my pleasure and honor to announce that the following individuals are the newest additions to the BN Masthead. Please welcome, Bruinette88, orlandobruin, Fox71, matt.garrido, and Free90 to the Bruins Nation front page.

Like our Bruin sports teams, the group comes not just from all over the country, but, in fact, all over the globe.

We appear to have won out over Tomahawk Nation, State of the U and Alligator Army to have both orlandobruin and Fox sign on as both of those guys currently reside in Florida. We outmaneuvered all of the SBN European soccer blogs to get Bruinette on board as she is currently living overseas. And, we managed to also bring in some talent from both Northern and Southern California with Matt Garrido and Free90.

This is a recruiting class with a breadth of experience. As a whole, they have been responsible for 272 Fan Posts and over 31,000 comments. While Matt and Free are certainly newer to than the others, we were impressed by their analysis on basketball. Bruinette has been a phenomenal contributor on a lot of the Olympic sports. orlandobruin loves getting to UCLA games whenever he can while Fox's main interest has been in turning off the volume of all sporting events and pointing out grammatical errors. Surely, I kid. But, even in jest, there is truth.

Overall, we are very pleased to have such an outstanding group joining us!

Please join me in a loud and slow 8 clap to welcome each of our newest team members!

Go Bruins!