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The Weakly Bruin - UCLA Geezerville Edition, Volume 2

Special "No Basketball" Edition. More news of an concerning UCLA that you won't find anywhere else.

The Sunday paper is spread out on the living room floor (it's the Examiner or the Daily Mirror - no fishwrap allowed). College basketball is over, except for the experts telling us about a couple of kids in elementary school who look like they will be sure fire lottery picks. Football is still months away, and your favorite MLB team still has a way to go before it catches up with our Pac-12 leading Bruins. It's time to pick through the sections of the paper and see what's included and what's not.  We start with the part that usually ends up on the bottom of the birdcage - the advertising section.

Ads in the Daily Bruin circa Spring, 1965.

Captain 4Q

We begin with an ad for Nite School, as you can see here (which is from a bunch of stuff which I've kept for all these years). Some of the more elderly geezers will remember Nite School, but alas, I wasn't close enough to geezer age to get in. The ad features "Capt. 4Q," the creation of the late, great Tony Auth, who went on to become a Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Bruins of 1965 got to see lots and lots of Auth's work, which is just another of the manifold blessings of being a Bruin.

Moving on. In case you youngsters didn't know, Bob Dylan is a geezer. Not an honorary geezer, but a full-fledged geezer. An advertisement in the March 23, 1965 edition of the Daily Bruin shows tickets for a Bob Dylan concert in the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium going on sale for $2.50, 3.25 and $4.00. That's right next to an ad for the UCLA Barber Shop proclaiming "All Haircuts $1.80" and encouraging students to patronize the eight-chair barber shop located in Kerckhoff Hall. After all, the shop has a niche: "Specializing in Flat Tops and Ivy Leagues." And finally, there's this one, and we're pretty sure there's a long story behind it:  "WOODY '46 Ford, good wood, runs good. $215 or trade for good guitar."  I have the phone number for this one if anyone wants to take a chance.

Washington DC.

Politics and politicians are always in the news. The Weakly Bruin research staff unearthed some rare video from a meeting in the Oval Office not too far in the past. (Thanks to seatac346 for finding that.) It is just this sort of communication difficulty that often leads to drinking problems. (And another thank you to airraz for digging that one out.)


We don't usually peruse the cooking section, but we had to include this one, because it has tips on making chocolate chip cookies. The Weakly Bruin staff never passes on the chance to learn more about chocolate chip cookies, which contains all the important vitamins and other nutrients necessary for health and happiness.  An extra plus is that it includes input from Kendra Nyber, who co-taught a class at UCLA called Science and Food.  (I had a class like that, but without the science part.)

Industrial Relations

Two items came up in our research this week. One has to do with new techniques of interest to jewelry professionals, in the science of cleaning jewelry, and in the science of jewelry security. (Thank you, truTV.) The other is just a reminder that reports are pretty darn important in industry. (Thanks to James Canaday for that one.) Don't forget those reports.

Little Known Facts Department

The Weakly Bruin staff thought it would be interesting to find out the number of bricks in Janss Steps, but alas, that secret is evidently still locked within the fraternity system, which regularly sends its pledges to count them (or at least that's what happened long ago.) But do you know how many steps there are?  (Answer - 87, counting the sixth step.) Anyhow, see how many of these "UCLA By The Numbers" questions you can answer, from the January 1, 2009 edition of UCLA Magazine. Note: This is not UCLA "trivia," because by definition nothing having to do with UCLA is trivial. So there.

Home Security

Once we've gotten past our nostalgia trip, it's important to remember that these are turbulent times. We can never take too many precautions to prevent home invasions by any one or any thing that's, well, scary. (With thanks to YouTube.)

And that's the news. From Geezerville, this is the Weakly Bruin signing off.