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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: UCLA Gymnasts, Linebackers, and Point Guard U

While the UCLA Gymnastics team heads to the NCAA's this week, the Baseball team shows Southern Cal what's what, and former UCLA point guards show why we were once Point Guard U.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The UCLA Gymnastics team makes their annual appearance in the NCAA gymnastics semi-finals on Friday. If they are among the top six teams, they compete for the National Championship in the Super Six competition on Saturday.  Samantha Peszek and others will also be looking to get to the individual competition on Sunday.

Getting ready -

Here is what they'll be doing:

So true:

Linebacker U-CLA?

Smart Cowboy!

EK making the rounds:

Don't forget, the first day of the draft is April 30th.

Wayne Cook, along with Matt Stevens, made it out to practice and had a lot to say:



and ... well, maybe I should just give Wayne the mic!

Come on Wayne, give somebody else a chance.

Good advice from a leader:

Good to hear:

Did somebody say something about Point Guard U?

Happy Birthday to the man with a 1000 headbands:

and his partner who is spreading some sage advice:

Check out Earl's twitter page for a beautiful shot of he and Coach.

Point guard U is in session:

A good day in the NBA:

A really good day in the NBA:

(By the way, the technical foul was rescinded.)

You don't have to be a point guard to do good works:

This just makes me smile!

I'm packing mine while you read.

And I was wondering about this:

Can anyone say #WOTT?

Baseball did its part:

You've been Barred:

Listen to all the highlights here:

So good luck to all the Bruins competing this week.  And one last shout out to Coach Val:

Have a great week, and as always ...

Go Bruins!