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This Week's Spring Practice Saturday Breakfast Is Cancelled

Saturday's scheduled Spring Practice Breafast is being cancelled because practice is closed to everyone.

Saturday's practice is closed to the public.
Saturday's practice is closed to the public.

Due to this weekend's Coaches' Clinic, practice on Saturday is closed to both the public and the media.

As a result, the breakfast meetup which we had originally scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled. While we could certainly try to watch from Lot 8, it doesn't make sense to try. Considering that we would likely be chased away from the wall overlooking Spaulding Field in Lot 8, it would likely be a waste of time and money to try.

So, we'll skip it for tomorrow.

But, we are still planning on tailgating next week before the Spring Showcase. Yes, it will mean getting up early and arriving early in Pasadena, but it'll be a good time.

Look for details some time next week.

Go Bruins!!!