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The Weakly Bruin, Volume 3 - Not The Best Weekend For UCLA Sports

An individual NCAA championship for Peszek and a series win for the baseball team were the highlights, but there were quite a few lowlights, too. Check here for the good news.


Another Sunday evening and the newspapers are scattered around the front room floor. Our gymnastics team didn't advance, although Samantha Peszek won the NCAA All-Around championship. The horsehiders took two out of three from Berzerkley. There was news which wasn't as good. A great man had heart surgery, which prompted a response by the most gifted writer in the BN universe. The home team here in Geezerville (the Rays) got swept by the Evil Empire (with apologies to JoeBruin15, who evidently was seduced by the Dark Side in his youth.) If all that weren't enough, we had a prize recruit get arrested.

So let's find some good news. How about Jackie Robinson playing football? The film (from wazzulibrary) is from 1939 and is silent. We have the shiny helmets. Jackie is number 28 and can be seen at 1:27, 2:07, 9:18, 14:29, 17:00 and 19:42. He scores touchdowns at 15:47 (reception) and 18:15 (rushing). So that's it from the sports section.

What do you do on Sunday evening when you're finished with the Sports section? How about some Ed Sullivan, and one of his mainstays, Señor Wences. There were some other quiz shows on Sunday nights, too. You youngsters can just skip over this next one. It's for geezers only, and many thanks to Gary Peterson for this.

We haven't totally forgotten that this is primarily a sports blog, and sports blogs generate arguments. Some have been remarkable. After hours and hours of research, we managed to find an actual video of one such discussion thanks to the efforts of Jawolusi Solomon.

Finally, we have the "New Product Department." For the traveler who needs that little extra help in packing, we have this from 2D House, and truTV brings us the special present for someone who has everything - Liqui-stiff.

And that's the news. (Except for the obligatory kitty video (with thanks to Talking Animals.))