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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: Congratulations to the UCLA Gymnastics Team

We take a look at what UCLA Bruins are tweeting about this weekend.

Congratulations women on a great performance!
Congratulations women on a great performance!

On Saturday, the UCLA Gymnastics team finished 1st in the regionals and Samantha Peszak finished 1st in the All-Around:

Congratulations to all who performed so well!

It's all about a winning attitude:

More group shots!

The gymnastics team has the best social media person working at UCLA ...

This team is really a team.  Hard work, great fun, and incredible support!

The winning routine, watch this dismount:

Back home:

and getting ready for the semifinals (Fort Worth, April 17th):

If you can make it, it will be appreciated:

Moving on ...

Anyone in need of a dog trainer?

The football team is back at work, but having technological difficulties:

I saw EV on Saturday.  He crushed the line.  Hoping he doesn't make any Walking Dead out of our players!

Can someone get this man a phone?

I mean seriously, he has some important business to attend to.

Happy Easter!

and teammate RW always styling ...

Pizza for Easter?

Pickett is back on d...

and welcome back on o ...

It's good to have a back up plan!

And congratulations to WBB ...

He's not exactly a Bruin, but he's got some nice photos of Bruins (and good coverage):

And who can disagree with Tony:


So was I ...

And who can argue with this Bruin great?

This is what today should be all about:

and this:

and this:

and especially this:

If you want to watch it again ...

If you want to tear up a bit:

Dan, this is what UCLA Basketball is supposed to be about!

Have a great week everyone, and as always ...

Go Bruins!