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Reminder: Spring Practice Saturday Breakfasts Continue Saturday

Bruins Nation continues our Spring Practice Saturday Breakfast series this Saturday, April 11th at Headlines Diner in Westwood.

This Saturday, April 11th, the Bruins will hold their seventh session of Spring Practice. Before practice, Bruins Nation will hold its second Spring Practice Saturday Breakfast for this year.

Last week, we had a good turnout. The turnout was big enough that we took up the entire front section at Headlines.

We will be doing it again this Saturday. Like last week, we will meet up at Headlines Diner in Westwood at 8 am before heading over to Spaulding Field to watch the team practice. This year, practice starts at 9:30 am which is earlier than in previous years. So, we'll be sure to leave for campus no later than 9 am.

If you'll be joining us, please let us know in the comments or by emailing me at

If you're in Southern California, come on out, meet some of the other members of Bruins Nation and support the team!

If you can't join us this weekend, that's OK because there are a few more weekends when we will be meeting up.

Last week, I strongly advised packing sunscreen because forgetting to bring your sunscreen almost certainly means that you will get sunburn. Thankfully, last weekend, I avoided to getting sunburn despite it being a very sunny day, but that's because I had my sunscreen with me. If I had forgotten it, I would have been miserable on Sunday. So, remember your sunscreen!

Go Bruins!!!