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And The BN Bracket Challenge Winner Is...

Let's look at the final standings in the Bruins Nation Bracket Challenge.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. This year was a really wild tournament. When we last checked in, UCLA11 had taken over the lead, but UCLA11 had Kentucky winning the tournament and the Wildcats loss to Wisconsin pretty much ruined UCLA11's chance of winning. In fact, UCLA11 finished the Bracket Challenge in fifth place with 3,510 points.

Each of the top 4 finishers had not been in the Top 5 before. Eggberthysmith finished in fourth with 3,690 points. In third place, we have bruinfan11 with 3,720 points. The runner-up with 4,020 points was fujida.

And without furthe adieu, the winner of this year's Bruins Nation Bracket Challenge is yumes with a total of 4,410 points.

Congratulations! You've won bragging rights until next year.

Thanks to all that played. If you want to find out how you finished, head over to the Realtime Brackets site.