How Much Time Is Enough Time

It seems like anything posted on the BN having to do with basketball ultimately reduces itself to an argument - "The guy currently in charge of the basketball team should be fired" versus "That's unfair, he shouldn't be fired." And then on and on it goes. I've never kept my position secret - I don't think he should be in charge of our team. I've explained my reasons in the middle of all these arguments.

Sometimes the point of an argument gets lost when the noise or heat level rises. Sometimes arguments are made simply for the sake of argument, or because people feel compelled to get the last word. If we want that, there are tons of other places that we can go. I think it's important that people listen once in a while, rather than just talk (or in this context, people should read instead of type.) This thread is intended to collect the reasons why people think the guy currently in charge is performing acceptably. Those who think he's doing a good job (and those who don't think he's doing a bad job) are invited to explain their reasoning.

This is not the place for anyone to debate the wisdom or propriety of any of the reasons given. That can come later. I think it's important that we listen to all of what people have to say before seizing on some point or other and beating it into the ground.

Here are some of the arguments I've heard:

"He hasn't been given enough time to [insert what he wasn't given enough time to do]."

"Coach didn't have a championship season for his first seventeen years."

"He didn't have a deep bench."

"He has a great recruiting class coming in for next year."

"He didn't have a true point guard."

"Coaches get better over time."

"He should get better athletes just because he's at UCLA."

"The negativity hurts UCLA's ability to recruit good players."

There are probably others and I may have misstated some of these.

My request is that the people list their reasons why they think the guy currently in charge should not be on the hot seat. It's just a place for arguments to be listed, not debated. There will be time to concede points or argue about points, but let's wait until we hear everything there is to say.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.

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